Heather Josephine Pue

I am a twenty-two year old Arts student at the University of British Columbia where I study French, Spanish and Italian.

I enjoy writing poetry and short stories and have written one (unpublished) novel for adults, Falling into Darkness (hillary/magnus), and a children's fantasy novel, Cam.

My writing is inspired by my favourite authors, Sonya Hartnett, Emily Brontë, Melina Marchetta, Gillian Rubinstein, Philip Pullman, John Marsden and many others.

My advice for other writers is: Go for it! If you don’t try you’ll never know where you might have ended up.

You said it


You’re a freak. How the hell did you find time to write a friggin book!? I like it so far...When are you going to submit it for publishing? Can I have a signed copy of the novel?

-Tyler Zita

I used to tell Mrs.Stubbs that the biggest voices come from the most diminutive people. I would never have expected such a defined presence of voice in your writing and I'm very impressed.

-Caitlin Toom

You really are a fantastic writer! Hope you don't forget us little people when you are famous for your books! BTW If Hill/Mag gets made into a movie, can I play the part of Hillary??

-Terri Beth Clarke